All antlers are buffed and polished before they are assembled. On the lamps, the cord goes through the antlers. Antlers are screwed and a special adhesive is used. Lamps are completed with an antler finial to hold the shade in place.

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2011-10-10 11.26.12 etched moose lamp 
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Antler floor lamp Antler Floor Lamp 
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antlers and canada 003 2014 Strongsville small
Antler lamp IMG 2234 
antler hanging lamp


Lamp Shade Care Instructions

The care of your real rawhide shade will need an application of Tannery Leather Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner once every 6 months.  This will help your shade maintain its beauty.  Some darkening of the leather will occur when the cleaner is applied but the shade will return to its original color in 24 hours.