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One of natures many oddities are deer antlers, they have always mystified man for centuries because of their size, shape and hard bone material, man has used these objects for many purposes such as tools, ornaments, aphrodisiac and even weapons. Whitetail deer grow new antlers and shed these each year.  Many being unusual in size and shape, with no two being alike.


Jan Roth is a lover of wildlife and natures other creations. She collects whitetail, moose, elk, mule deer antlers. Living in a small northern Michigan town of Alger nearby the Rifle River. She spends many hours polishing and handcrafting the antlers into many individual and unusual items, such as Candleholders, Lamps, Fireplace Tools, Centerpieces, Cabinet Knobs, Chain Pulls, Antler Icicles, Garland, Buttons and Finials.


All items are hand made and of quality workmanship which will last for years to come.